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Tips for Keeping Down Your Website Project Costs

Websites are critical marketing tools for any business, and all companies should strive to have one. These days, most customers are even more critical due to the massive switch to online shopping thanks to technological advancement and changing lifestyles. Unfortunately, some businesses shy away from having websites due to the enormous costs involved. Although websites seem simple projects, they can be costly if one takes no deliberate measures to keep the prices low. You can work with the leading company to have a quality site at the best web design pricing in Singapore.

Here are some of the tips on how you can keep the website project cost low:

Do Some of The Website Tasks In-House

write content Although you have hired a third party to develop your website, they don’t need to do all the work. You will be surprised to find that most of those companies can agree to share the work with the client’s team so that the budget is reduced or the client pays less. Some of the jobs you can do in your site creation include finding the appropriate photos and graphics, writing content, testing, and others.

Use Existing Templates

use pre-existing templatesYour business could save some money by using a pre-made website template. When you use a theme, the developer saves the time they need to create the website’s appearance, hence cutting the whole project’s cost. The good news is that many web design experts have made website templates for all sorts of businesses, more so for the commonly used platforms.

For example, if you have chosen the WordPress platform, one of the most popular, and account for over 25% of the sites, you will have many templates you can use. You can buy the templates on such markets as Template Monster, Elegant Themes, and others.

Have Fewer Website Pages

As you plan the layout of your website, it would help consider having only the most important pages and avoiding any that is not so necessary. This is because every page need copy-writing, selecting the right images, and populating even if it is a secondary or tertiary page. All these need time, which translates to some cost. For instance, the company website may exclude a history page because it may not be critical in emphasizing the value of goods or services. The business may consider to simplify it as much as possible or drop it entirely.

Social Marketing Tips for Movie Makers

The number of movies produced annually continues to reach soaring heights. A lot goes into the production of movies in terms of finances, technology, and human resource. In light f this fact, filmmakers go to great heights to ensure that their work achieves its objectives, including generating adequate revenue. It is, therefore, true to conclude that marketing is a key tenet in movie production. This true story of wolf of wall street is a testament to what marketing means to filmmakers.

If you intend to market a movie or a film in this digital age, it is important to embrace the potential offered by social media marketing. People like sharing opinions on social media. According to this interview with Jordan Belfort, you also need to consider marketing your works on these platforms. To help you get started, this shared some practical social media marketing tips.

Understand Your Target Market

Any marketing strategy should be informed by the nature of the target audience. As such, you need to start by understanding who your audiences are and choosing a suitable channel. For instance, if you target millennials, ensure you market your movie on a platform with millennials . Understanding whom you are targeting to will also help you avoid wasting resources.

Use Multiple Networks

Using multiple social media networks helps you expand your reach. It is advisable to start with the most popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As you share your product on multiple networks, you should not overlook the need to give your followers undivided attention. In case you feel that the job is too much for you, you might consider enlisting a social media marketer’s services as you focus on core business functions.

Use Videos

Make sure that you incorporate some teasing videos in your marketing exploits. A trailer is usually the best tool that movie creators can use to market their videos. If you can give your target audience a teaser of the story and ignite some attraction, it becomes easy for the anxiously wait for the release. At times, you might also be required to share videos, feature the cast, and give your followers a chance to know them better.

How SEO Reselling Service Can Benefit Your SEO Agency

seo reselling

The first time you started your SEO agency, you probably believed that you’d got everything. You had all the skills, man-power, and hardware. But as your business grows, you begin to realize that your resources can no longer meet the demands because there are too many of them. Precisely at that moment, your agency will need only the best SEO reseller program. But what is it? How can it help you? Let’s learn the detail below. 

What Does an SEO Reseller Do?

Simply put, an SEO reseller sells your agency their optimization strategies to deliver only the best results to your clients. In a more technical term, an SEO reseller white labels their SEO services to other SEO agencies. 

If you’re surprised because you may think such service won’t be needed, you should consider the fact that SEO rules are rapidly changing, and there are millions of websites generated every day. You surely can depend on your own for some time, but when the stakes are high, you should consider all the reinforcing options you have, and an SEO reselling service is one of those. 

SEO Resellers Help You Cut Your Agency’s Costs

seo tasksActually, the working principle here is outsourcing. This is not a new concept, of course. But outsourcing with today’s massive scales is only possible because more and more people are connected to the Internet, and the communication infrastructures in many countries have achieved more or less the same standards. And just like any other outsourced labors, you can theoretically cut the cost of your agency’s SEO and accept more clients without having to hire new people and train them. SEO reselling service helps your company to scale up at a minimum cost. 

SEO Resellers Can Help You with SEO Challenges

seoing for businessGoogle’s algorithm is constantly evolving. If you’ve been in the business for five or more years, you should remember how stuffing keywords and buying backlinks were all you need to bring a page to the front SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). Today, the rules have changed. Google has integrated their other services, such as Google Docs, Android, Gmail, Google Drive, Voice Search, and Google Plus, and they are taken into account by Google’s AI when a user types a set of keywords on Google search engine. Moreover, local search marketing has become a very saturated field since many businesses are using SEO these days. 

If you face those challenges on your own, you will need a tremendous amount of resources. And luckily for you, there are SEO resellers ready to help your agency. 

Instagram Marketing Tips

marketing icons

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms in current times. It has millions of active users, who can be potential customers to your business. That is why, as a business owner, you should put effort and invests in marketing on the platform. However, many variables come into play when it comes to Instagram marketing, which determine the success of the marketing strategy you choose. Below are a few tips to help you attain success.

Switch to a Business Profile

instagram iconEven before you begin thinking about which strategy to use, you should switch your account to an Instagram Business Account. Having a business profile has numerous benefits for your business. One significant advantage is that your followers will be able to contact you right from the Instagram page by clicking on the contact button. It is somewhat similar to what they would do on your business website.

Make Use of the Free Instagram Tools

The Instagram business profiles have some tools that you can make use of without incurring any cost. These tools can allow you to view some statistics, such as Like impressions and engagement data, among others. It is even possible to get a breakdown of your followers’ demographics such as gender, age, location, and the hours they are most active. Such insights will help you come up with more effective, targeted strategies.

Post Captivating Product Pictures

Instagram is a social media that is geared more towards pictures and videos. For that reason, you s make should the most out of it by posting photos of the products you are offering. The pictures act as some form of teasers, which gently urges potential customers to buy. Make sure they tend to increase excitement on their own, without appearing like you are trying too hard.Instagram followers

Create Sponsored Ads

Instagram ads are another effective way of marketing your business. You can set the ad budget that you wish to spend, which means that you control the amount of money that you spend on the ads. The carousel feature allows you to showcase either one or multiple sponsored ads. Using that feature, you can target your potential customers in a completely new way. It means that even users who are not following your account can view your ads, as long as they fit the target group description. That increases the reach of your ads.

Tips for Hiring a Web a Reputable Web Design Agency

web design

E-commerce makes it easy for customers to sell and buy products online. Having a good website is the best way of increasing the online presence of your online business and attracting more customers. It is a requirement for anyone who wants to start or run an online store. Hiring a reliable website design firm can help you in handling your online presence. Choosing the right firm is not a walk in the park since there are many companies that offer web design services.

e-commerce website

The designer hired can make your e-commerce business more competitive and present it to the outside business world. Creating a good website will go a long way in adding value to your online business and improving the performance of your website. The following are the essential points that you need to take into consideration while hiring a website design company.

Going Through the References

Checking out the references of the past customers can help you in getting thorough information about the capabilities of the potential web design company. You should, therefore, make an effort of getting references from other firms or people that you know. The level of communication is another crucial factor that you need to consider when it comes to web designing. It is also essential to check out what the reputed clients say about the company that you want to hire.

Checking Out Their Past Experience


It is important to find out how long the company has been in business. This is one of the essential points that need attention. Which area is the firm specialized in handling? Most of the new companies might be lacking the requisite experience. The company’s past portfolio can help you in assessing the experience level of the web design agency. In fact, this is the best way of finding out if the company has been successful in its previous assignments. Still, on the same, you can consider having a chat with the firm’s former customers.

Social Media Marketing

Most of the online businesses use social media platforms to reach their target audience. Business people who use social media marketing can make their e-commerce businesses to run beyond their expectations. It is another excellent way of improving the online presence of your business and attracting more customers. You should also check out the efficiency of the agency in SEO. SEO and functional web design go hand in hand. You should, therefore, look for an agency that employs the best SEO practices.

Services Offered by SEO Expert


Every business owner understands the need to make a profit and grow a business. Unfortunately, if you are operating a business online, the process is not as easy as it seems. You need to make sure that your business is visible to online customers.

One of the ways to make sure that you get success in online marketing is making sure that do internet marketing. SEO is a big part of internet marketing, and it should be done in the right way. Here are some services offered by SEO experts.

Professional Web Design

seo.If you want to implement SEO, the first step is to make sure that you get professional web design. A web designer should do this. Research has shown that your web design has a great effect on the SEO. If you have a great web design, it will be easy to rank your business in the search engine.

Every good SEO expert will first check the condition of the website before starting the job. A good and professional website should be responsive and easy to use.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a big deal for business owners. You need to optimize your business for local SEO so that you can achieve the desired results.

Local SEO helps customers near your location to find you in the shortest time possible. With local SEO, you will list the nature of your business, contact information and other details that your customers might need.

Web Ranking

seo servicesThe main role of SEO experts is to rank your business top in the search engine. If your business does not appear on the first page of search engine, you need to make sure that you hire a SEO expert.

The SEO expert will help you to rank your website using various techniques. SEO experts use keyword ranking and also content management. When it comes to search engine rank, always hire an expert with the right skills.

Social Media Management

We cannot talk about internet marketing in the modern day without talking about social media management. Using social media management will help you to interact with your customers on a personal level.

Using the right social media strategies is important for gaining success in the social media marketing space. Managing a social media business page is not as easy as it seems. You need to hire an expert do it for you.

Types of Signage Every Retailer Must Have

business signs

To run a successful business that drives sales and attracts a lot of customers, you need to get noticed. This starts with appropriate signage. Quality signage is an effective and easy way of driving foot traffic to your enterprise. However, if your business signs are not done as required, it is likely to cause confusion and overstimulation.

The same way your sales copy is attention-grabbing and concise; your signage ought to be useful and clear. The good thing about signage is that it helps the customers navigate your business without having to ask your staff basic questions.

welcome signYou should note that the color, messaging, quality, and visibility of your signage needs a given amount of consideration and development. Just like employees, you can assign signs certain tasks ranging from information to marketing. There are certain practices you ought to consider when it comes to signage layout. The following are some of the signs every retailer must have.

Outdoor Signage

This is an important sign for any physical retail business because it is what drives customers past the door. You should note that the main hurdle in business is to start a relationship with potential customers. Thus, this type of signage will give your potential customers the first impression of your business. In this case, you need signs that tell potential customers who you are and what you can offer. Some forms of outdoor signage include entrance signs, sidewalk signs, window signs, and awnings. You should place it where it is visible as much as you can.

Informational Signage

This type of signage is commonly known as directional, wayfinding, or departmental. The signs help customers to navigate the spaces easily. You should note that the easier it is for a customer to find you, the more likely the customer will rely on these signs in the future. The good thing about directional signage is that it is self-explanatory as it tells your customers where to go.

Persuasive Signage

retail service signThis type of signage influences customer behavior through beautiful imagery and convincing language. They are used to advertise a wide range of products. These signs can help improve interactivity and influence customer flow to otherwise unnoticed products. These signs can help communicate specific details of featured, seasonal, or new products. Persuasive signage allows brands to communicate with their customers. It helps improve retail sales and increase brand awareness.


Probably you are not aware that mats can be used as signs. The good thing is that these are some of the most versatile business signs of all. Other than being used for cleanliness and safety needs, they are used for informational and promotional purposes. For instance, you can use them for branding purposes or giving directions.

If you are running a retail business, you need to invest in the above types of signage. They can help you to establish a great brand, and they can be used across the business. In fact, you can even use them on your website.

What is SEO? – Strategies That Shape This Concept

Samsung laptop

Search engine optimization christened as SEO is the building of a website or page online for the search engines and people to make it most popular among the competition in its category. The parameters affecting the categorization of the site will also influence its structure and preferred instruments used for boosting its popularity. SEO strategy determines the speed of positively growing a page’s rank online and the ability to discover the website while searching for particular information.

What is SEO?

Marketers want to reach as many customers as possible, while customers rely on search engines to get what they want. Thus, it is in the interest of the marketer to make a site as popular as possible when searching for particular information or services. SEO fulfills the marketer’s need is the most efficient and long-term way.

digital marketing

The Target Audience & Interests

There can be no SEO without the target audience, and you define the audience by the interests it exhibits. For instance, people interested in baby bibs are a target audience for a company selling the bibs, and their interest in these products will make them most likely to search for baby bibs in their favorite search engines. Understanding interests help the SEO expert to narrow down the focus to a particular keyword or phrase.

Targeted Keyword Discovery

The phrases used by people when seeking particular information online is the keyword. When the queen is giving a speech, and people want to check it online, they are likely to use the words “queen speech,” and so these become the keyword for anyone targeting the same group of people.

A site that has a title with these words and talks about the queen speech would rank better for this keyword compared to another lacking the keyword. Some keywords are very competitive such as “insurance” and websites must introduce more terms to make the target more likely to visit their pages. SEO experts also need to

Video Concept

The video content is another critical component of SEO because it defines something people are looking for when they are online. Video content is a fundamental strategy for SEO because it affects the bounce rate on a site. People who opt to watch video on your website will linger for long and search engine robots interpret it as proof that the site has valuable content for the visitor.

You can also learn come acquistare visualizzazioni su youtube for better results. The search engines robots do not watch the video. They rely on the video markup code to identify the content. Furthermore, you should also include a video transcript to increase the capturing of keywords for the page.

Text and Image Concept

Text and image are traditional forms of content on any website, but they continue to change the meaning of SEO. Currently, the writing on the page and off it such as meta tags and keyword tags affect the interpretation by search engines about the relevance of showing the page to visitors.

Images also help the page to rank better especially when they have a tile and tag matching the interest of the target audience. You have to use sufficient text and images for the site to appear meaningful and matched to its target keywords.

Ways to Make Great Business Web Design

Designing a business website that can make your company successful is not an over-night thing to do. Though it may take a lot of patience, time, and energy, it is what it takes, and you will thank yourself later in the future.

Use a service from professionals

workThere is no way that you can do everything on your own when it comes to doing business. You will have to ask help from some people in certain aspects that you are not a pro at like information technology and web designing. Working with Bulawayo Web Design will help you sleep earlier at night knowing that your site is in the right hand. You need to find a professional that can do more than just designing but also knows what it takes for the website to look attractive and suitable for marketing because the goal of having the URL and domain is for you to market your business and let the customer know what you are trying to sell them. Make sure that you tell the person that you are working with what you want the website to look like and what you wish the visitor to feel when they enter the site.

Original content

It would be a nightmare to your brand if anyone caught you stealing content from another source without putting a disclaimer of the original source. That will show how you are willing to do things half-way and you are not giving your 100% to the business. Putting a unique content will cost you more time, money, and effort. But there are no shortcut or cutting corners when it comes to success. Make sure that you do a photo shoot for images that you want to use on the site because this will convince the customer since they can see what your product or service look like which is excellent. Also, write everything from scratch to make sure that any words that you put on the website are original and will only represent your business.

Easy navigation

girlNo one will want to buy or even dive into any website that is confusing and hard to use. It is critical that you make sure anyone that visit your site whether it is a teenager, tech geek, elders, or parents will be able to read the information that you want them to know and buy if it is one of the features that you have.

Remember that every part of your website is essential to the branding that you want to put out there. From the design, content, and navigation is something that you can not prioritize above one another.

Services offered by digital marketing agencies

If you are running your business online, there is need to work closely with a digital marketing Leicester agency. These experts have the skills and knowledge required to ensure your online campaign becomes a success. That said, let us look at some of the services offered by marketing agencies.

Content marketing

The content you have in your web page plays a vital role in the success of your business. As such, it is essential to online 12have consistent and quality content onyour website. Additionally, having content that will meet the interests of your target group is of the essence. Only a good digital marketer can ensure this. Thus, hiring an expert in this field is no option.

Social media marketing

Social media also plays a vital role towards business marketing. With the help of digital marketers, you can successfully use social media to market your business. These experts will help you come with an appropriate strategy for marketing your business. Also, your digital marketing expert will help you manage customer interactions on social media websites.

Website design

A well-designed website is all you need to market your business to the maximum. With the help of online marketers, you will indeed achieve this. These experts will redesign your website to suit your specific business. With these experts, it is possible to view your site on different platforms.

Pay per click

With the services of online marketers, you can be sure of getting good returns from this Internet-marketing platform. A good online marketer will help you come with a strategy that will increase the number of clicks on your website. That said, you should consider working with digital marketing agencies if you want to improve your profit.

marketing 21

Conversion marketing

This is yet another reason that should compel you to enlist the services of a digital marketing agency. Conversion marketing aims at creating customers from people who have viewed your site. With the help of an online marketer, you can be sure of winning more clients from the offers you have on your website.

Mobile marketing

Today, many people are not only using their mobile phones to contact people but also to do business. As such, it is essential to ensure that one can view your website through a variety of channels. With the help of a digital marketer, this is not a difficult task. These professionals have the skills required to optimize your website for mobile. Thus, this will enable you to reach clients using mobile phones.

Digital Marketing Experts: Top Services That They Offer

graph statistics on a tablet

The world of doing business has changed. Thanks to technology, people are now buying and selling through digital platforms. Likewise, marketing of the goods and services is highly perched on digital platforms rather than the old marketing techniques. This has encouraged the emergent of innovative digital marketing experts to make sure that all businesses compete for the much-needed market segments through digital techniques. When you approach a digital marketing expert, here are the services you should expect from them:

Website creation and development

web designAny business that is starting or wishes to start operating digitally must have an attractive website. This will be the main information center for all the potential clients. It is also the first step to taking your business global as a website is seen by all people. The website design and development company should have a reputation and must be in a position to create what you really want in themes, media, content and products posting.


After creating a website, it is worth noting that search engines rank them depending on how they meet set criteria. Since there are thousands of other websites competing with yours, you need to maintain yours as the best. This is why you need an SEO expert to help you in doing the best thing. They know the right content to post, keywords to use, media and above all, meet the needed set criteria for search engines. SEO monitoring is the most crucial to know how it is fairing. This way, they can tune the website back to make sure that it stays ranked up.

Social media marketing

Apart from having a website, social media marketing craze has already taken the world by storm. In fact, popular search engines are now considering the traffic in your business social media pages to rank the linked website. Here you need to keep your business fans and followers informed and engaged. Most of them will turn to be potential customers. All this calls for the management by an expert in digital marketing. The update the pages regularly, directly engage the followers and respond to their queries in the best ways possible.

Creating backlinks

digital marketingThere are so many benefits in backlinking your website with others. However, some rules are followed rather than just linking anything. Both outbound and inbound links are crucial to your business website. A digital marketing expert will know when to do a link, place content on a popular guest post blog or an authority link from your website. This backlinking also increases the visibility of your website as links are dropped across many platforms. As all traffic converges at the website, the sales will definitely go up.

Pay per click and other ads

Digital marketers are popularly known to hold successful digital ads for any business. Whether they post this on social media, popular blogs or websites, they will rarely miss. The purpose for this is to drastically increase the traffic to your site both for visibility of products and higher ranking of a website.

The above are the popular services you will get from any reputable digital marketing company. However, their services can differ depending on the product differentiation that they have done. Be sure to choose one that suits your needs.

How to Improve Your Online Business

Nowadays a lot of people seem to throw away the 9 to 5 lifestyle and opt to open up their own business, online. There are many benefits to opening up your own online business, and those benefits range from a flexible schedule, low cost, portability and many more. But sometimes online business might not work for everyone, and there are many factors on why one’s online store might fail. In this article, we’re going to discuss ways on how to improve your online business, make sure that you read this article to find out more about it.

seo servicesUse SEO services

Many big companies nowadays opt for SEO services instead of promoting through the website or endorsing celebrities. You might be asking what an SEO service is, we can explain it to you, but we might as well create another article for that so we’ll try to keep it short. An SEO service is there to help your website or online store to gain the attention or the traffic that you need, and they do this by making sure that your page appears at least at the first or the second results of a search engine. If you’re thinking to use an SEO Service, make sure to check out SEO Edinburgh as they offer professional SEO services.

statisticsResearch your business

After you hit a rut where you feel like your online business is not getting the profit or the attention you need, you might want to run research on your business. Start by asking your business several questions such as, is your business relevant to the clients? Are you reaching out properly to the audience? Is your website designed to invite people to stay and at least read of what you have to offer to them? Beginning with these questions might be able to help you to find out what’s wrong with your business.

Create promos

Sometimes we are enticed to buy something that we don’t need when there’s a promo, something like buy 1 get 1, or perhaps 50% discount on the 2nd purchase, even though we don’t need it. If supermarkets can do it, then why can’t you? Consider adding promos in your online business to entice customers to order your products.

womanApproach your audience in another way

If by any chance you’re not getting the attention that you need, there’s a chance that you’re approaching your customer in the wrong way, consider approaching them in another way or another platform. For example, if you’re trying to sell hand crafted products, it is much more appropriate to sell them on a website that offers a platform for a DIY crafter, such as Etsy.

Tips for choosing a perfect SEO company

slogan for SEO marketing

Having a reliable SEO company for your business can assist you in the growth of your firm by ensuring that you develop a brand and on the other hand have the assured internet presence. A business with a great SEO will improve in ranking on search engines like Bing and Google. This will accrue a lot of benefits for the business because it will be highly rated. In most cases, businesses do not take advantage of the internet because they use companies that do not have experience of exploring new opportunities or knowledge of identifying new markets. It is for this reason if you are looking to get your business ranked well then you should consider hiring experienced and knowledgeable SEO company like Digibyrå that offer quality SEO services. However choosing an SEO company is not an easy task because the companies are so many. In this article, we give you a guide on how to get the perfect SEO company for your business.

Check for portfolios

To get an excellent SEO company you need to visit the desired SEO company that you wish to work with and be able to determine ifgfdgfdfrty they have previously done jobs. The company should be in a position to show you the clients they have worked for before, and this should come with evidence because some companies can get to show you works that they did not do. You should ask the company to give you referrals that would guide you to check whether they perform well and similarly they should avail links to direct you to the sites that they have worked on previously.

Look at their SEO

vvdfgsggThis is a significant aspect when looking for a good SEO company. If a company has a good SEO with a catchy Meta description, then it will be able to do a good job for you when creating your own. On the other hand, a company that has an SEO that is not readable cannot perform an extraordinary job for you.

Determine the pricing point

A good SEO company should be one which has no limits for keywords since their primary goal is to market your business. The best point of pricing is on an hourly basis or a fixed price per month. An SEO company that will price you through the number of words then that will not be the best to work with. Similarly, avoid working with companies that have standardized prices because they imply you might not get the best since they do not have you as their interest.

What to know about fitness marketing

blonde girls doing workout in a gym


Healthy living is important to everybody. There are however some factors that may make this impossible to carry on. We need to sustain on psychological stress, unhealthy atmosphere, and foods that are not so healthy. This makes the craze to get our fitness standards to the mark is rising.

Gyms and fitness centers are becoming popular, and as an owner, it is your responsibility to create a gym and then promote it to take care of these health-related problems. To gain the leading edge in this industry, you should update yourself with the latest fitness regime and trends. The following are factors that you should know as far as fitness marketing is concerned.

Display products or equipment

You should at all time try to display the products as well as equipment that you use. This provides more information on the kind of fitness goal you are providing. Brand recognition and endorsements can help the customers get more understanding of the routine they are exposing themselves to.fitnesssequipment

Brand marketing

The first thing you need to take care of is how to market your brand. Use of incentives, pamphlets, free trial, social media promotion and offering free perks can help make your brand famous. Technologies such as Instagram and youtube have a great impact on this business. This will bring recognition and help you display the potential of the fitness center. You may also organize seminars and contests on fitness by bringing on board well-known fitness to grow your brand.

Select your target audience

Selecting your target audience should include proper ideas about how many people are joining, their gender, age groups and style of workout. Also get to know if they are underweight or overweight. Some nay is starters whereas other may be pros. Arrange for proper trainers and ensure every need of the client is addressed. Make your sessions as interactive as possible. This will help to create some sense of personal care for clients coming to your fitness center.


fitnessleftsfagdhjfRegardless of your efforts, some people will still not be satisfied with the experience at your fitness center. Take time listen to grievances form your clients and try implementing their views. Also, encourage joiners to be positive and ask them for good constraints. A single negative comment can ruin the reputation of your place. Always review the equipment and trainers to help tackle genuine issues which may crop up.

Fitness is a journey that is stepwise. Both you and your clients can reach the destinations depending on the efficiency of performance and workload.

Shiisa Quilts – Welcome

Welcome to Shiisa Quilts
Shiisa Quilts Bernina Sewing Center opened its doors in January 2008 with a full line of Bernina machines, an extensive line of Horn of America furniture, and 1000 bolts of high quality fabric. Our walls are filled with a large selection of current books, patterns, notions, giftware and note cards. You’ll be sure to find that perfect gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite quilting friend! read more->

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updated August 5

Don’t Miss Our Adorable Embroider-able Bear Party!!

updated August 4

Introducing…. the Activa White Pearl
We’re all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Bernina 8 Series… but did you know that there’s another new Bernina? This very special limited edition Activa White Pearl is a real beauty! The White Pearl is hand-painted and numbered and is sure to become a Collector’s Item!

The Activa White Pearl would be a very special gift for a very special person in your life… but the supply is limited, so don’t delay!


One lucky Shiisa Quilts customer who reserves a Bernina 820 or 830 by August 30th

will WIN an Activa White Pearl!! Order the Bernina 820 or 830 with the Bernina Quilt Frame or Bernina Cabinet and get 2 entries! (Sorry, no entries for accessories only!)

updated July 23
Make Plans NOW to attend Quilts from the Heartland
sponsored by the Bloomington Quilters’ Guild
at the Bloomington Convention Center – November 14 & 15!!
We’ll have a booth, of course!! And we’re working on scheduling a Book Signing Party with Kate Lenkowsky to celebrate her new book Contemporary Quilt Art

Bernina launches The Sewing Republic!!
I love the t-shirt shrinkdown! 🙂

updated July 11

Update for My Label 3D Pattern Design Software available!!
Service Pack 1 for My Label provides the following:

With this Service Pack the BERNINA My Label runs under Windows Vista™.

Along with this some other corrections have been made:

1. Text corrections in the My Label help menu.

2. Compatibility with Windows Vista™.

3. Simulation adjustments:

3.1. Classic jacket

3.2. Tailored Shirt

3.3. Vest

4. Necessary corrections to the marking of the pattern pieces of the gored Skirt.