Types of Signage Every Retailer Must Have

business signs

To run a successful business that drives sales and attracts a lot of customers, you need to get noticed. This starts with appropriate signage. Quality signage is an effective and easy way of driving foot traffic to your enterprise. However, if your business signs are not done as required, it is likely to cause confusion and overstimulation.

The same way your sales copy is attention-grabbing and concise; your signage ought to be useful and clear. The good thing about signage is that it helps the customers navigate your business without having to ask your staff basic questions.

welcome signYou should note that the color, messaging, quality, and visibility of your signage needs a given amount of consideration and development. Just like employees, you can assign signs certain tasks ranging from information to marketing. There are certain practices you ought to consider when it comes to signage layout. The following are some of the signs every retailer must have.

Outdoor Signage

This is an important sign for any physical retail business because it is what drives customers past the door. You should note that the main hurdle in business is to start a relationship with potential customers. Thus, this type of signage will give your potential customers the first impression of your business. In this case, you need signs that tell potential customers who you are and what you can offer. Some forms of outdoor signage include entrance signs, sidewalk signs, window signs, and awnings. You should place it where it is visible as much as you can.

Informational Signage

This type of signage is commonly known as directional, wayfinding, or departmental. The signs help customers to navigate the spaces easily. You should note that the easier it is for a customer to find you, the more likely the customer will rely on these signs in the future. The good thing about directional signage is that it is self-explanatory as it tells your customers where to go.

Persuasive Signage

retail service signThis type of signage influences customer behavior through beautiful imagery and convincing language. They are used to advertise a wide range of products. These signs can help improve interactivity and influence customer flow to otherwise unnoticed products. These signs can help communicate specific details of featured, seasonal, or new products. Persuasive signage allows brands to communicate with their customers. It helps improve retail sales and increase brand awareness.


Probably you are not aware that mats can be used as signs. The good thing is that these are some of the most versatile business signs of all. Other than being used for cleanliness and safety needs, they are used for informational and promotional purposes. For instance, you can use them for branding purposes or giving directions.

If you are running a retail business, you need to invest in the above types of signage. They can help you to establish a great brand, and they can be used across the business. In fact, you can even use them on your website.