Ways of boosting customer retention

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Bringing new customers is beyond doubts a big challenge to most marketers. Marketers usually get so busy attending to new customers and unknowingly start ignoring the old ones. As a result, they end up getting new customers but fail to sustain the old customers. This is a cycle that repeats itself in the marketing industry.

When targeting new customers, your conversation rate is usually between one and three percent as revealed by research. The scenario is however entirely different fir repeat customers. Research also shows that the percentage boosts sixty percent and forty percent of revenue come through eight percent of existing customers. This makes you understand the importance of retaining your existing customers and keeping them satisfied and happy.

Effective ways to boost your customer retention rate

Offer easy methods of payment

More people find it comfortable buying from you if you have more payment options. You may lose customers if your store has an online mode of payment if they do not have the necessary facility for that particular payment method. Providing more methods of payment increases your conversion rates.customerretentionrightsdfgh


Tactfully use the social media platforms

Technology is evolving each day, and in today’s era, almost everyone is tech savvy. This means that there is the immense popularity of the social media platforms. People from various parts of the world stay connected through these platforms. If you can promote your brand on the social media tactfully, then you can reach a vast audience. Staying connected and interacting with your customers is made efficient and smoother. Such connections and integration of shareable things make your brand popular among friend of the customers. This is an impressive way of augmenting your conversion rates.

Communicate efficiently

You have to be careful whenever you are communicating with your customers to avoid sounding like spam. An effective way of communication is the push notification. Try also to add some flavor of personalization in your communication. Otherwise, customers will ignore the push notifications thinking they are spams. Also, be judicious on the time you send the notifications.

Show loyalty to customers

customerrententionleftfsdgfhgWhen clients are buying from you, then you need to offer loyalty gifts so that they enjoy their shopping more. You can show love to your customers by giving them exclusive offers. Most customers do not have time to visit your website regularly so they may not know about your offers and discounts. Be tactful by sending them notifications about such offers. You can even send personalized notifications to the customers.

Remember also not to use many distractions on your checkout page. Always keep it clean for customers to understand what to do next to complete the buying process.